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We offer a full range of psychiatric and substance abuse services for adolescents, with the ability to accommodate the individual programming needs of any adolescent (ages 13-17) and his/her family. Any program may be the point of entry or a transition from another level of care.
Adolescent Acute Inpatient
  24-hour, locked unit
  Medically supervised by an adolescent psychiatrist
  Focus on crisis intervention
  Emphasis on stabilization and assessment of needs
  Highly structured environment
  Strong emphasis on family involvement
  Addiction education
  Individual and family counseling
  12-step work
  Relapse prevention group
  Life story/peer evaluation
  Process group
  Parenting support/education group
Adolescent Partial Hospitalization
  6-10 hours per day
  Utilizes social/behavioral model of treatment
  Positive peer community
  Active commitment by family to support their adolescent's program at home in the evenings and/or weekends
  Available 7 days a week
Adolescent Family Services
  No-cost aftercare group
  Assistance with discharge planning and placement

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